Tú Vũ Mông / Yumeng Sui / 隋雨蒙 – Người đẹp

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Sui Yu Meng first made her acting debut in 2013 in the costume drama “Shang Guan Wan Er”. She gained popularity after acting in the drama “Nirvana in Fire”. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama.

First Name: Yu Meng
Family Name: Sui
Native name: 隋雨蒙
Also Known as: Meng Meng, 蒙蒙
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Born: July 12, 1992

性别: 女
星座: 巨蟹座
出生日期: 1991年07月12日
出生地: 中国,黑龙江,哈尔滨
职业: 演员
家庭成员: 李光洁(丈夫)

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