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Trương Tịnh Nghi (Tiếng Trung: 张婧仪, Bính âm: Zhang Jingyi, Tiếng Anh: Joy, sinh ngày 10 tháng 7 năm 1999) là một nữ diễn viên người Trung Quốc. Cô bắt đầu đóng phim từ năm 2018


性别: 女
星座: 巨蟹座
出生日期: 1999年07月10日
出生地: 中国,湖南,邵阳
职业: 演员
更多外文名: Jingyi Zhang

Zhang Jing Yi is a Chinese model and actress. Zhang Jing Yi, born in Shaoyang, Hunan, an actress from Mainland China, studied in the undergraduate class of the 2017 Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy. In 2018, Zhang Jing Yi signed a contract with the “Dongshen Future” film and television company co-founded by Chen Kun and Zhou Xun; in December of the same year, she starred in her first TV series “The Sky of the Wind Dog”. In 2019, starring in the movie “I Want Us Together” directed by Desert. In 2020, participate in Hunan Satellite TV variety show “The Fourth Season of Longing for Life”. In the same year, starring in the TV series “Love at first sight”.

First Name: Jing Yi
Family Name: Zhang
Native name: 张婧仪
Also Known as: Jingyi
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Born: July 10, 1999

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